A Motion was passed at the Regular Meeting of Saturday 20th September 2014 to change the meeting place of the Lodge to be Bowmont Masonic Hall in Calgary. The Bylaws change has been approved by The Grand Lodge of Alberta.


Starting with the 15th November 2014 meeting, our meeting location is Bowmont Masonic Hall (details below).

G.R.A., A.F. & A.M.

The Internet Lodge of Research was founded at the end of the last millenium in 2000 and meets, effective November 2014, at Bowmont Masonic Hall, 7704 - 39th Avenue NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3B 1X3 on the 3rd Saturdays of February, September and November and the 1st Saturday of June always at 9:00am. Dress is business casual.


The day normally starts with coffee and pastries from 8:00am onwards with the regular business meeting in a tyled Lodge starting at 9:00am. Our educational portion held out of the Lodgeroom, under the direction of the Senior Warden aided by a special committee, starts about 10 o'clock and, often, includes a presentation via the internet from a recognized Masonic speaker in some other part of the world. We conclude the formal meeting after the educational portion and usually are finished by midday.



Educational Portion of Meetings

The educational portion of our meetings are normally held during a "period of refreshment" and consist of:

  • A main Presentation - either via the internet or locally
  • A secondary Presentation - normally local
  • Where I've been and what I've seen - where the members and visitors are encouraged to share their internet Masonic and technical experiences
  • Ask the Experts - we have several very knowledgeable brethren in the Lodge and this is an opportunity to ask technical questions of them.

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